Ensure you and anyone else involved in the accident is safe and secure
If required, call the ambulance, fire department or police
Collect details of third party involved in the accident (or witnesses) including names, addresses, contact no, rego. makes and models
Do not admit liability (let your insurer investigate &establish the liability)

Claim process

Please contact our office to notify us of the incident.
Complete the relevant claim form and return to us along with the supporting documents
Once the claim is lodged, it will be allocated to claim officer and/or an assessor
Supply a quote/estimate to repair and/or replace the items damaged during the incident
Insurer will then assess the quotes and damage, and authorise the repair work
Insurer will take care of any settlements for damage to third parties (where required)
Insurer may recover any losses from third parties, where third party is deemed to be at fault.